Business Consulting/ Bass Fishing Guide



The trip is on a Ranger Comanche 518 DVX bass boat just perfect for getting into the best fishing or nature viewing spots on the lake.  I can accommodate one or two passengers.  Should a group trip be desirable, we can rent a pontoon boat and take up to six paying passengers (the limit of my Coast Guard Captain’s license). 

And now the outlines:
(The first two apply to any business, the rest apply primarily to franchise business)

Module I
Strategic Planning

  • The Team
  • Analysis
  • Goal
  • Maximum Five Initiatives


Module II
Market Planning and Site Selection
Market Factors

  • Demand
  • Supply
  • Economic

Site Factors (non-brick and mortar businesses follow similar area principles)

  • Physical
  • Activity Generators
  • Demographic/psychographic
  • Competitive


Module III
Critical Franchise Elements

  • Concept Vitality
  • Customer Focus
  • Franchisee/Franchisor Relationship
  • Competitive Advantages and Distinctions
  • Brand Building
  • Development
  • Financial
  • Operations

Module IV
Franchisee Leadership

  • Operating within the System
  • Impacting your Brand
  • Problem Solving with Franchisees and Corporate
  • Preparing for Expansion

Module V

  • Nothing else matters without a decent return on investment
  • Getting more faster
  • Sustaining profit margins
  • Growing your business profitably

Module VI
Thinking of acquiring a Franchise

  • Compatibility
  • Financial
  • The Search
  • Concept leaders
  • Study/Prepare

Module VII
Franchising your business
-        Generally, spend some time on the phone with MSA Worldwide or M 2000 first
-        If not completely comfortable, then book a trip and we’ll massage it a little more

The modules are suggested broad topics; you fill out a specific questionnaire before you arrive describing the essential issues that you want to consult with me.  I prepare for that and a certificate of accomplishment is awarded for each trip that you complete.  What makes this trip so good is that we average 10 – 20 bites in a five hour trip that can be very exciting, the rest of the time is ordinarily spent either trying to get them to bite or just waiting.  Those periods allow us to dig into your business issues in a relaxed atmosphere punctuated by thrilling fishing action (or wildlife action – think raptors and alligators) keeping all of us energized and alert for the key discussions.  It’s sure a lot better than talking sports, politics, or religion all day – forbidden topics on my boat!

 We can go almost any day of the year.

This could be a dedicated trip, tagged on to a business trip, or if you are vacationing in Florida (or a resident of Florida), take one day out to come with me. They’ll hardly miss you and after all it is mostly a business trip!

Your investment in this learning experience.  The basic fee is $500 for the five hour trip with one or two people (my basic hourly consulting rate is $425/hour so you save a bundle).  The use of wild shiners is the surest way to ensure a good catch and the price for those ranges through the seasons from $20 to $30 per dozen.  I provide the first dozen, the rest depend on you and how many of you there are.  If you are a skilled jig fisherman and an expert in artificial lures in this environment, I have the tools for that with G Loomis rods and Shimano bait casting reels (or spinning) loaded with 65# test braided line (yes, you read that correctly – Okeechobee is that different!).

For other consulting projects I highly recommend my three favorite consulting companies (having worked with or competed against many, many over the years):

  1. McKinsey & Company (for the really big stuff);
  2. Management 2000 (Bob Gappa is a great all around consultant but his training programs are second to none); and
  3. MSA Worldwide (Michael Seid and his group do it all in franchising at the very highest level of excellence).

And thank you,

Jim (AKA, Professor McKenna or Captain Jim or just Jim)

U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credentials (Captain License) #3849031