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Just as your customers are central to your success so too are you central to ours!

It is a one (or two) day business consultation/seminar that includes a five hour fishing or a sightseeing/photography session on the 730 square miles of Lake Okeechobee. 

We will be fishing for largemouth bass and it is always possible on this lake that you will catch the largest bass of your life.  For photography buffs, the flora & fauna is an endless variety and it changes through the seasons all year round.

There are several modules for you to choose (see tab).  Every one of them is chock full of valuable insight.  

Welcome to McKenna Associates, Corp. & The Okeechobee Business Seminars/Consulting! 

This is a consulting session in a unique environment. It is probably tax deductible for you and your company might even pay for all or a part of your session.  Some of my credentials follow:
  • Founder of McKenna Associates, Corp., a consultancy (started in 1993 and continuing) 
  • Founder of the Franchise Real Estate Institute (started 1994, sold in 2002)
  • Co-founder and past Chairman of the New England Franchise Business Network 
  • Regional VP at Dunkin’ Brands (17 years)
  • EVP Honey Dew Associates (3 years) 
  • Board Member Rosenberg International Franchise Center at UNH Business School (11 years - now Board Member Emeritus)
  • Adjunct Professor of Business the Peter T. Paul School of Business, teaching the International Franchising course 2004 and 2013 
  • IFA Education Foundation Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) renewed twice and now retired - also a certified CFE trainer with several years of perfect scores for three different training courses
  • Completed rigorous Harvard Business School courses on Strategy; Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage
  • Contributing editor to Franchising For Dummies, the best selling Franchise book of all time (see MSA Worldwide below)
  • Coast Guard Licensed Captain (Merchant Mariner's Credentials) 2016

Captain Jim McKenna, President
McKenna Associates, Corp.
Okeechobee Business Seminars/Consulting
7791 Martino Circle
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