We will catch largemouth bass but you never know what else will bite.  Wild shiners are the best but artificial bait works too if you are experienced.


How would YOU like to spend your time learning something new?

“We strongly recommend McKenna Associates, Corp. as a partner in developing solutions for critical strategic issues that your business faces.  Jim McKenna brings years of experience to the table when helping to create value for your organization.  McKenna Associates worked with us on a strategic reevaluation for one of the critical functions of our business.  

The range of his work included identifying resource requirements and allocation, process improvement, and evaluating human resource needs to achieve the strategy.  His work became the basis of several years of excellent work that moved our business profitably forward.  Jim also is a marvelous contact to discuss everyday issues that arise in our business and is an excellent source of advice!  We strongly recommend his services!”
Drew Ritger, Sr. V.P. Planning & Purchasing

Choose a category or send me a specific issue. I'll prepare and we will discuss it thoroughly during our fishing/nature trip!

standard topics

The BIG O is a unique environment.  Bring a camera and you will be able to see flora and fauna in an unsurpassed natural environment.

All New Business Model​

No more travel for me (except Sophie's Cuban Cuisine for a while). From now on clients can come with me on my bass boat for five hours on Lake Okeechobee (730 sq. mi.) largemouth bass fishing or nature watch and choose a consulting topic/business issue to discuss in a relaxed atmosphere (maybe not so relaxed if you catch a really big one.)

It is essentially a one (or two) day business consultation/seminar that includes a five hour fishing or sightseeing/photography session.  

You could catch the largest bass of your life.  For photography buffs, the flora & fauna is an endless variety and it changes through the seasons all year round.

And you are guaranteed to learn something!

There are several modules for you to choose.   



​Any session with Jim will  result in a certificate of accomplishment (and proof that this wasn't just a boondogle!) You will have to be prepared to talk business!

Business Consulting/ Bass Fishing Guide






  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Plan & Site Selection
  • Critical Franchise Elements
  • Franchisee Leadership
  • Profits Are A Must!
  • Acquiring A Franchise
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